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Missing in action

Written by Zoe Catherine Kendall on Thursday the 25th of November 2010
Missing in Action

(09/01/10 In bed before laying down to sleep)

An image of you
like an icon of something cool,
and static,
moving only in the fourth dimension
between pillars of difference
 and indifference.
Travelling soldier
fighting for no one
and nothing,
laughing as you look,
but seeing?
I don't know...

Maybe you were never right
maybe I was wrong
namely about the value
of your relationship to me
the questionable significance of an absent lover
lost before he was ever missing
and yet to be found fulfilling,
what good can he bring
-when he can't bring himself
to a place of mutual conduct;
a table where I sit, not wanting to wait
wanting something not present-
an end to this interminable shuffling (suffering)
what good indeed?
I ask-
no reply is my answer,
as I ponder
whether I should walk away,
can I leave the table please?
Do I wait for you to answer-