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It gave me the shitters

Written by Zoe Catherine Kendall on Thursday the 25th of November 2010
It gave me the shitters
It gave me the shitters, like life was just one big acid trip or something.

Drug induced states blurring together with hallucinations of everyday reality tv shows; watch your life, watch it pass by before your eyes, or some such passive activity.

Today is where I find myself, having left yesterday behind a while back. Tomorrow is cause for hope I like to think, lurking beyond sight as some kind of invisible memorial to future potential. There's definitely something about past, present and future that holds significance i'm sure of it, there's definately something to be said...

..and then there are those weekends, whole weekends dedicated to day dreams about dozing, sleep walking through the hours with disinvolved participation, finally heading to bed only to find yourself muttering and riving wakelessly through visions of lack of it.

Okay so you cooked yourself some dinner, glanced at productivity for a moment, took a long bath... it was one of those days, you know how it can be.. like searching for meaning in an empty carrier bag, nothing but a deafening rattle for reassurance.

It will be okay in the end, the light outside will gradually fade and you can forget about the potential you had previously assigned to this now ending day. Crawl under the duvet, tuck yourself between the sheets, cowar and fade.

After all, there is always tomorrow right?!

(On the bleakest of days there is still potential to be found)