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I, below

Written by Zoe Catherine Kendall on Thursday the 16th of December 2010
A comment on existence
I, below

This heart feels like a hummingfish in the buried chest today,
flapping and groaning
and noticeably there,
condensation forms drips down the portals of my subaqueous flat
as emotions prevelant
soar and dive, rise and fall
encouraging the mind to gush and glide,
finning it to god knows where,
fluttering up and away from here,
leaving me some place
trapped beneath the depths of a lung full of breath
I splutter, choking on a shrinking organ as we go deeper
with nothing but a golf ball in the rib cage to sustain
dying for air and sky
sinking farther below
the surface shrinking
the lung condensing
oxygen expending
bubbles escaping
that one breath comprising
the everything and nothing
of the attachments I know
and as he threatens to leave me
taking with him
the yesses and nos that I'm screeching silently
imperceptibly high in pitch; they can't be heard,
only felt in the rising and soaring,
the flapping and falling
winged heart
buried in a treasure chest
my pandora's vest; so restrictive
that each breath is a heave
each utterance a cry.
I swallow the tongue
in a desperate attempt
upwards to the surface,
the throat that leads the way
to light
and accessible junk
the present measure of my conscious mind;
a ship wreck,
deep sea diver with emotions out of check
I, gasping, rise
surface in sight
lung growing faster than
the chest can contain it
drawing oxygen from the blood stream as
the I, light headed, emerges, intoxicated, unconsciousness
bobbing on the skin of the dark blue wave
visibly disappearing into a bright black night
pitted with the scars of past suns
the I
myself detaching
disperses on the opencut.