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Excerpts from Fragments of a Storm Suspended in Time

Written by Zoe Catherine Kendall on Thursday the 25th of October 2012
This is a little taster of my upcoming short story as part of Lazy Gramophone's Time Project. It's an experimental piece of writing which plays with the structure and texture of language as well as being about living life, riding bikes, broken hearts and self discovery.

"W-o-r-d-s- w-o-r-d-s- w-o-r-d-s, sticky and enticing like your favourite fruit chew, sweet and gummy, you work them through to a slow lubrication of each syllable. That's where it begins. They shower from your tongue like soft rain, hail stones or dew, drip patiently like runny honey, each one with substance that you can get your teeth right into. Of the words you hear you can choose the ones you like, which to remember and which to repeat... Like life raining down we allow our thoughts to project through time, choosing the right words to define each passing moment. And boy do we fail, fail frequently in our definitions. I called it love but it was just play acting."

"Wheels spin, hands on bars, tracking, eyes gaze, fingers graze brakes, breaking in the vehicle, breaking in to life, sitting, bottom up, head down, fixed on a constantly changing point of view, elbows in, palms up, a mutation on the traditional riding position, we would ride alone, giddy warriors charging through dark nights and into beds across the cityscape, we were a group of individuals and dreamers, meeting on the road as passing ships alike in thought and belief, wandering silently, together in mind."

" After a night of lavish drinking I found myself in bed with the idea of you again. It can't have been consensual, the image just came flying through the door and into my head. Throw me hard against the wall and rip out my heart as I lie before you. Honey, you are murdering me slowly. Honey, you are the best and worst of me. Honey, be careful... just the thought of you is killing me..."