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The Morning After The Night Before

Written by Stacie Withers on Wednesday the 27th of January 2010
So I guess you want to talk to me,
to get things straighten out.
But can I just explain myself,
before you start to shout?
I wish I hadn’t kissed that guy.
I know you’re really steamed.
But he looked like you, in the dark,
so it’s not as bad as it seemed.
I know the phone call was out of line,
Don’t know what I was thinking.
But who hasn’t made that sort of call
when they’ve been out drinking?
I didn’t think I’d be that sick,
I’m sorry ‘bout your car.
It was nice of you to pick me up,
really, you’re a star.
I didn’t mean to get that bad,
just had one too many, lost control.
I’m sorry that I slapped you
and called you an arsehole.
I’m sorry I got all horny
and kept on telling you I’d do
That thing you’re always asking for but
instead threw up on you.
I know you had to be up for work.
That can’t have been too easy.
But can we talk about it later, please?
I’m feeling rather queasy.