Sarah Ives Taylor

Songs Of Myself

Sarah Ives Taylor is a self-styled confessional poet with an interest in song lyrics, incantation and Americana. She divides her time between London and Southend-on-Sea.
Words from Sarah
  • The Third Voice #2

    Written on 03/07/12

    The Third Voice # 2 Who is it tuning out the resonances like this? Not staticky but some kind of blank ... read more

  • An Invocation

    Written on 25/07/12

    he's undertrod loaves and fishes, the death knell representative. Son of Man - he said, "Kato San, Kinshasa. Pilate of Nagoya and... read more

  • Parturition

    Written on 23/09/12

    Parturition, inexorable horses. The suture. Cantered, tripartite hoof-taps that spiral away like inebriated sense. Who is this you, parturited in blood, feaces,... read more

  • Her

    Written on 23/09/12

    Pontius Pilate, ruminations, worthless small coins, No purchase. An exorcism; a Christ-given. I am no Son of Man, sandalled, sage, (a death knell.) ... read more

  • Shaman

    Written on 24/11/12

    I am a shaman. The light turns blue in this hue of morning and morning- wanderings. There was a manner of reaching to touch your hands and grasp your face but it has fallen... read more

  • Edge

    Written on 13/01/13

    Buffalo tread and the wood resounds amplified heartbeat. Stealth, the interpretations the heavy-handed attributions of meaning like a laden glance, the visceral... read more

  • A Bad Omen

    Written on 03/02/13

    Featureless, apertures, the ice-blasted underfoot. What speechless small prey-animal is stalked under a tin sky?... read more