J M Bristol


Regard the Robin
Language is all. The form and sound of the words we use when shaping language are infinite in their potential for expression. Writing is joy - and pain.

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Words from J M
  • Ode to William Carlos Williams

    Written on 19/10/10

    Your little red wheelbarrow gave no hint of the succulence of apple-tree thighs and suggested a man more linear in his world of colour and rain. The white chickens said nothing of... read more

  • Madness

    Written on 19/10/10

    What madness does impel the mind to fathomings of Time - comprehensile structure - when to obfuscate - divine!... read more

  • Amiri Baraka

    Written on 19/10/10

    Amiri Baraka I like your style - and the way you feel to the end of yourself making music of matter and air and knowing how the solidity becomes the movement you make. I like that... read more