Nikki Pinder

- Illustrator - Artist - Designer

The Mechanics of the Mind

The Mechanics of the Mind
Nikki Pinder is an Illustrator, Artist, Designer and Nightowl based in Cheshire, England. At age four she attempted to learn how to fly using story books as wings, but in later years decided it'd be better to turn these abstract ideas into illustrations and artworks on canvas.

Obsessed with details, ephemera, memories, and found objects, she grew up on a visual diet of comics and trips to the local antique shop. Textures and layering are an important consideration when creating her curious and sometimes bizarre characters and landscapes. The relationship between man and machine is another obvious fascination as she often juxtaposes organic and mechanical images to form surreal and whimsical narratives. Butterflies, insects and organisms are also a common theme throughout her work as she draws much of her inspiration from nature and it's rustic colour palette.

In Spring 2008 Nikki collaborated with the photographer Rebecca Miller and musician Corinne Drewery to create a music video for the band Swing Out Sister. The finished piece was a stop motion animation, which accompanied the song Butterfly Lullaby.

Since 2005 Nikki has self-published a large quantity of limited edition handmade gift sets, badges, magnets, stickers, and brooches. Some of these products include; Nightowl Secrets, Robot Monsters, The Melancholy and Infinitely Gloomy, Illustrated badges, Little Horrors, Who Killed Amanda Palmer Secret Art Gift Sets, and she has also recently completed a series of Miniature Drawing Tips and Inspirational People books.

Consistently working on project collaborations and self initiated artwork, Nikki has exhibited and sold her work in several galleries and shops in London, New York, Manchester, Chester, and Sheffield, including the ICA, URBIS, Magma Bookshops, The Old Sweet Shop, and Junky on Brick Lane.
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Title: Butterfly Lullaby
By: iiiiiiandy
Nikki Says: Butterfly Lullaby music video created for Swing Out Sister