The Practiced Distracted

Written by Kevin Pocock on Tuesday the 9th of March 2010
See what we need to do is focus just occasionally, and see what happens. We can recall all of the lessons we've ever had about being constructive. Perhaps we should bring back, from the depths of our dank memories, those classes at school. Not the really boring ones. Just the ones that we hated less than the others. Just the ones where we enjoyed - even a little bit - finishing an essay, completing laps, making circuits or correctly working out a formula.

Because in time, not doing anything, not producing, fills our time with distraction. And we don't really want that. Distractions can be fun, sure, and occasionally necessary, but a life absent of anything bar them doesn't seem a very fulfilled one. What I think we want to do is to create things that others will appreciate. We want to write, to design, to speak, sing, act and behave constructively, and we want to push and challenge ideas...don't we? I mean a wise man once said:

Somewhere in all of us is the desire to feel we are useful, that we have some qualities and we can demonstrate them.

And he's right. Because it's in our nature to create. It's in our nature now - after many millennia of developing all the inventions and theories that men and women have - to have a concentration and focus which combined are capable of pushing and developing ideas and doing great things.

I suppose really what it comes down to is this: We're actually capable of not only being constructive and creating, but of inspiring and encouraging each other to 'have some qualities' and to demonstrate them also. That's probably what Lazy Gramophone is all about, I suppose. But it's not exclusive. We're all capable of it. See what we need to do is focus just occasionally....

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