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James hails from the Isles of Scilly, and swanned around Exmouth for a while with fellow Lazy chaps Danny, Sam, Phil and Dan. His earliest memory of writing was after being read 'The Hobbit' and getting out his Dad's typewriter to compose a one page story of dwarves being eaten. Somewhere a copy still exists.

Like most people James has an ongoing novel, that now seems more obsolete than novel, but there's always plenty of other ideas. In the meantime he amuses himself by writing short stories that probably fall into the genre of magic realism, maybe. In the really real world he works for an environmental charity in Bristol and writes ukelele songs about holidaying Penguins that travel by Northern Light.
Words from James
  • Blackberry Hill

    Written on 30/03/11

    Blackberry Hill was a small, smooth grassy dome, a countryside pimple on the landscape. Its verdant slopes stretched from the foot of the hill to the ring of trees at the top, each branch stretching... read more