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Iam Hatuman
Hanuman is or was a Monkey God... I am not him, but I also am.

It is with this kind of contradiction that I greet most of the things I write. Some are poems, some are vignettes, some are bundles of thoughts which pour from my unconscious and I try to capture them in their most raw form. Occasionally, a short story will appear.

My work has been compared to various things, most of which I'd rather not mention here, but some have been favourable. . I love you all.
Words from Iam
  • Some Er Daze

    Written on 11/01/11

    Hot isn't it, Sally? Hot here in the tropics with the belt sunning down and nothing being worn but a frown. And there YOU are with him. That other, that petrol-eater - that honey pie sniffer... read more

  • The Heart of Jingo-Bingo

    Written on 11/01/11

    Many years ago in a land far across the purple seas, lived a small round guy by the name of Jingo-Bingo. He loved his home at the edge of the mangrove forest, near the and every day he would... read more

  • Upone the Rockie Rode

    Written on 11/01/11

    If you mete a travveler upone the rockie rode Always say halo to hime as on yore way you gode If you chanse upone a homested as you passe alonge Offer them upone... read more

  • April 14 1907 or 1742

    Written on 11/01/11

    High up in the mizzen mast the wind wrapped at my door like an urgent call or a troupe of Carollers. Avast Ye Merry Gentlemen, I was urged to shout but I did not. Instead the clouds fell... read more

  • Happy Near Year

    Written on 11/01/11

    As the new year pops youthfully into the receding face of the old, I see planets spinning on placemats, bodies gyrating through the heavens, visitors traversing realms previously unknown to... read more

  • Drip Drip Drop

    Written on 18/01/11

    As the rain falls down upon the dusty downs and the rats scurry to their holes in the floorboards, I grab a cider and a packet of crisps to enjoy a rare set of moments listening to the drone... read more

  • The Rubbish-Lady

    Written on 30/01/11

    In a town not very far from here where hail threatens and the wind is a bit choppy, there is a path which bisects the commons. 'Tis overgrown with chiff-chaff and that bothers no-one because... read more