Rahima Fitzwilliam Hall

I have been playing with live poetry, penned poetry and short stories since way back in 2006 and iIm currently undertaking a self-directed nose dive into the world of becoming a 'professional' writer.

My work has previously been described as enigmatic, perceptive and powerfully naive - in no particular order.

Some of my stories and poems gently prod at human desires, natures relationship with humans, and the beauty and humor in mundane tasks.

My own pursuit of an honest discourse, along with a dyslexic fascination for language and speech have lead me to explore language as sound rather then story in some of my work.

I have learned a lot from short courses with the Arvon Foundation and Anne Aylors fiction workshops.
The latter of which has given birth to the starts of a novel set in Jeddah, Saudi Arabia where I spent my childhood years.

Music from Rahima

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Words from Rahima
  • Midnight Jestam

    Written on 20/06/13

    We made it through the murmurings of coulds, shoulds and shall we to come out several bus rides later and jump the low locked gates. crossing through a realm, we thought, and to the water's... read more

  • Silverlinings

    Written on 20/06/13

    'So life is beautiful but painful too',that's what they say over coffee, to make silverlinings, they say 'this is where you really grow - this pain' and I think of the light on the side of an aubergine... read more

  • Lioned

    Written on 03/05/11

    Once I woke up Fuzzy faced and feverish To find a lion lay besides me. You've disappeared and your behalf Sleeps this beguiling animal I lay in Lion yolk. Marinated in confusion,... read more

  • Twin

    Written on 03/05/11

    It's simple. Your voice, when you're talking. When you were stood talking. Me listening from the top of the stairs. Things that you weren't even talking about suddenly made sense. It's sense. Your... read more

  • The Swim

    Written on 04/04/10

    I'm walking. Past the garden. I'm out in the field now. I know it has to happen. I'm going to carry on walking, going to walk all the way down to the end. I am going to cross the next... read more

  • Taken

    Written on 04/04/10

    Taken He fell asleep on the shore where there were no rock pools but where rock pools were craved. The new tide lingered moonward and his feet stared bare at the ocean. They... read more