Andrew Walter

- Slowly calming down.

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Pegs pegs pegs.
I am Andrew Walter, a member of the loose, unsavoury grouping known as "Illustration Graduates", and also of the rather less loose but probably equally unsavoury grouping "Gallery Security Staff/Night Crew", because a fellow has to eat.

My interests include Eddie Hitler and Richard Richard, J.S. Bach, Igor Stravinsky, Dmitri Shostakovich, Magma, Anton Webern, Bela Bartok, John K., Mike Diana, Soft Machine and anything CanterburyProg related, Rabelais, the worryingly consistent genius of J,G. Ballard, Gyula Derkovitz, E.C. Segar, Lynd Ward, Max Ernst, George Grosz, Charles Burns, Graham Greene, Jaroslav Hasek, Kurt Vonnegut, Arthur Honneger, Ornette Coleman, Robert Crumb, Josef Lada, Mervyn Peake in all his guises, H.P. Lovecraft, Algernon P. Blackwood, Han Bennink, Peter Brotzmann, Kraftwerk, Henry’s Cow and Threadgill, John Coltrane, Philip K. Dick, Carcass, Bolt Thrower, Extreme Noise Terror (GET OFF YOUR ARSE) and Napalm Death, Demilich, Demigod, Xysma, Black Mayonnaise and Winter, role playing and board games, Hawkwind, King Crimson, The Strawbs, Paul Hindemith, Frederik Pohl, Jim Woodring, weird lookin’ chicks (like Twiggy, Little Mo and Ms. Hooley from Balamory), ales, lagers, porters and stouts, 2for£5 gutrot red wine, vodka, rum, brandy, whisky, slivovice, port, and especially Bloody Mary’s. Plus a load of other stuff.

Oh yeah and BACKGAMMON and if anyone wants to take me on just bring it. I’m serious.

I hate the growing culture of anti-reading and anti-intelligence, the way the media makes you and your loved ones feel, people that can’t separate art from artists where need be, shouting overweight cocaine addicts with delusions of grandeur that offer work placements, closed mindedness (in myself and others), emotional constipation and “lads culture”, and unquestioning consumption of the endless loads of foul ejaculate that authority tries to make you imbibe. I’m not too keen on profiles made of lists either, or hypocrisy.

As a final note, I need to say that I'm very grateful to the Lazy Gramophone ladies and gentlemen for the opportunity to host my words and updates on this site, and I will do my best to keep it updated fairly frequently with drawings, prints, or writing when I have the time. In an age where most "artists" seem to not give a hooting rat's damn about anything not involving irony, funny hats, shiny notebook computers or those powerfully stupid "shutter shades", Lazy Gramophone combine craft, imagery and writing with ACTUAL socialising and conversation within a real, honest-to-bitchin' non-internet context. Without their support I'd never have had a solo show mere months after moving to London and I may well have lost my enthusiasm for drawing altogether. Plus they are bloody nice people. I look forward to getting involved with you all.
Words from Andrew
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