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Rehabilitation (pt1)

Written by Alexander Aspinall on Wednesday the 17th of November 2010

 "Where can we buy a total rehabilitation chamber at this hour of
the second part? I don't know. but one thing for sure; if we don't get hold of
a TRC very soon we are going to have a most unprecedented situation on our
hands. Not only will she fail to reacclimatise; she will implode. 
Look. Over there; two outlets that may well sell to us one of the
afore mentioned total rehabilitation chambers. 
Let's go and look in them and
find out if they have that which we desire. I think we should go into the shop
on the left first because it seems to be larger than the one on the right.

Let's go... 
We are now in the shop on the left. Let's split up, peruse their
admirably stocked shelves and attempt to find ourselves a total rehabilitation

If you cannot find a total
rehabilitation chamber, but do happen across a hyper conductor, or even a
standardising micro-defaulter, it's probably worth us making the purchase. You
take the port side of the outlet and I will take the fore-most quad.  

We have been looking in here for some time now and although we
have failed to find any of the items we planned to purchase, we have managed to
procure a couple of gems. The first item is a thoroughly delightful palm-sized
diary. It's got a big cat's face on it and is emerald in colour. It is no use
though cos someone's gone and ripped all the pages out. The other item, and the
one I'm most proud of, is a technicoloured mug. What have you managed to get your hands on? What's that? Oh my
god, that's disgusting. 
Let's put this messy episode behind us and check the other shop.
We might find a TRC there. It's only a short walk to the other shop. 
-Robot walk-

Wow, your great at doing that- I see you've gone for the 'don't
bend your legs and walk stiffly technique'......a classic! As for me, I just walk
along like normal shouting "I am a robot, I am a robot,” relentlessly. 
This shop is not a shop. It's not even a shop.
It's clear now that something's a miss. Our hunt has borne little
in the way fruit. Progression is needed, as is success. And we appear to be
finding little there or over here.  
The ship provides an opportunity to regroup . Let us... 
The ship has provided us with the opportunity. We must now set a
new objective. Mission control is not responding, so it falls to you or to me
to make the decision(s) req'd....  
Not interested, sir? What's that? 
A feeling of isolation spreads, if it can. And now all is clear. 
This is the truth of it; where I actually exist:

And people are staring at me. 
The woman there, with the big leg.
And those children, with their bags, all staring at me.

I stop talking and get off at the next stop.  I don't want to look like one of those  loons you see talking to themselves, spouting
drivel and drool from their mouths and scratching at their greasy necks. 
I know the truth and I don't wish to give the wrong impression at
this stage. Especially when there is still so much to do...