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An AlphaBetiCal Adventure

Written by Alexander Aspinall on Tuesday the 22nd of November 2011

Although Alvin audits admirably, anal Andrew always advocates auditing assessment activities against Alvin Associates' analyses. Andrew: awful.                                     

Britney brazenly bullied Buffalo Bill's brother's boy. Bemused, Bill butted Britney but Britney battled back by bashing Bill's ball bag. Bummer.

Clever, considerate, compassionate, caring Carol craved crack cocaine constantly. Crackpot.

Did dangerous Derek's deluded dalmation decide Derek's darkest dreams disrespected dogs? Dunno.   

Energetic elephant ensnarer extraordinaire Evil Enid easily eats eighteen elephant ears every eight epochs. Excellent.

Famed for farming frogs, fancy-faced Francois Flueirre from France found fifteen famine fearing female foxes foraging furiously for festive foods.

Good gracious; gruesome granddad Geoffrey's gone green gobbling giddy Gregory's gigantic goldfish's gills.

Hilarious Harry Harrison hid horrible Henry Henderson's hat. Hence, Henry hammered Harry's head.

Incredibly, it is in Indian Igloos I interpret ingeniously intercepted instructions, including info involving invisible individuals in Icelandic industrial installations.

Jaded Julie 'Juggernaut' Jones just jabbed jumpy Jeremiah Jackson's jam jar jigsaw. 

King Kong kicked kids.

"Land loving llamas leaving land look like lily livered losers,” laughed land loathing lobster lothario Larry. 

Meanwhile, mad Molly makes malevolent mandates, meaning mild Mary must marry Michael's mother's mate's malevolently-minded merman, Matthias.

Noreen Normington's nightmare: nocturnal nightingales nastily nibbling nervous Nanny Normington's nose.

Octopi oblivion: okay or outrageous? Outrageous, obviously.

Perhaps passionate Petunia's playfully provocative poses procure personal privilege, providing potentially powerful positions..?

Quite queer: queens queuing quietly

Radical Reverend Robert Robinson raps relentlessly, recounting rhymes regarding Roger Rabbit's red Rolls Royce's revolving roof.

Super Stella Smith soared skywards, singing sensible songs so she "sheemed shignificantly shoberer, shee?”

This tale's totally true: today Tim the tramp tickled Tory Tommy's tiny testicles to tempt Tommy towards touching Tim's tits.

Under Uraugrian undulations Ursula uncovers undead unicrons. (Unbelievable)       

Vicious Vincent videoed virile Veronica vibrating voluptuous Virginia's veruca. (Very Viral).

When will we witness whales with wings?

Xenophobic Xantusiidae Xavier x-rays xylophones.   

Yesterday your yeti yelled 'Yo'. 

Zeitgeisty Zambian zebras zap Zimbabwean zoologists' zabagliones.