Kaitlin Beckett

- Mistress of the feathered, beaked, scaled and clawed...

A collection of curious beasts of the sea, air, land and subconscious : A dystopian convergence of biology and machinery.

Kaitlin’s art is a multi-layered process and incorporates the use of many media. After moving from New Zealand to Melbourne in 2002, she has had solo exhibitions in Melbourne and exhibited throughout Australia, and her works have been collected in Australia, New Zealand, the UK and the USA.

Artist’s Statement:
“Since childhood I have had a love for the fantastic and the imaginary – I enjoy depicting the real and the unreal together, biomechanical juxtapositions, the unusual engaged with the everyday. The natural world, odd dreams, cryptozoology, literature and science fiction inspire me; and attachments, disguises, viscera and machinery are recurring themes in my bestiary. My characters invoke a sense of pathos, unease or humour, and I like to encourage others to invent their own narrative around my creatures.”

All creatures hand reared in Melbourne, Australia.

Things I like:
Feathers. Masks. Spikes. Goggles. Beaks. Hearing Trumpets. Rockets. Robots. Fishs. Crowns. Buckles. Viscera. Lobotomy paraphernalia. Machines. Umbrellas.Do feel free to post these things to me in return for a most favourable response!