Oh yay, oh yay, hear ye, hear yee. The laziest of gramophones has all sorts of new bits and chips for thee all. Feel free to browse amongst it all. Breakage's must be paid for.
Lazygramophone.com v.3.0 in the shops during 2008
We are in the process of creating a fabulous new build of lazygramophone.com. Because of this updates are going to be thin on the ground. Therefore we suggest you sign up to our newsletter mailing list (which can be found at the bottom of our home page) to keep informed of all our goings on. The new site will be in the shops during 2008. For up to date info on Lazy Gramophone whilst our site is being made feel free to visit us at facebook and Myspace.
LazyGramophone at the Macbeth Review - November 07
Surroundings available in our shop - November 16th
Surroundings booklet now available in our Shop.
Cancer Research certificate arrives - November 2008
Cancer Research Certificate arrives. Donny loses his pet rabbit in a freak accident. England fail to win in the Rugby, F1 or Football.
Cancer Research Certificate Lazy Gramophone
14/11/07 - The Macbeth, November 14th Gig
Our next gig can be found back at the Macbeth, Hoxton. More details on our gigs page.
The Macbeth, November 2008
The Macbeth, November 2008
30/09/07 - Simon Gibson Over the hills and far away
Simon Gibson recently recorded three new tracks in the hills and dales of Malvern. All recorded in one sunny afternoon with friends Pax, Danny & Alex on Percussion, Bass & Violin duties these recordings really take Simon's song writing to the next level. Shop

22/09/07 - The Macbeth, September 22nd Gig
Scrubious Pip vs PIP :) September 22nd the MacBeth, London. Flyer.

The Macbeth September 2008
The Macbeth September 2008

12/09/07 - The Macbeth, September 12th Gig
Paloma Faith and the Unfaithful and more. September 12th the MacBeth, London. Flyer.

The Macbeth September 2008

August 24th/25th/26th - Shambala Festival
After a well-earned year off, the legendary Shambala Festival is back. Exciting new developments for this year include a massive roller disco, a field of hot-tubs, cutting edge film and cabaret tents and a medieval decathlon, where you can participate in the noble arts of greasy pole, gurning and human jousting.Shambalafestival.org
You will find us in the cabaret tent with a mix of spoken word, theatre and music 4.30-7pm on the Saturday.
Tickets 79 - available at www.gtickets.co.uk/shambala/

19/08/07 - The Miller, August 19th - Lazy Sunday Festival
Yes people we have music, spoken word, theatre and DJs all day with BBQ and good vibes, its the only way to spend sunday! Lazy G Festival. August 19th. 2pm - 2am. The Miller, 96 Snow fields road, London Bridge, SE1 3SS. Flyer.

The Miller, Lazy Festival, August 2008

08/08/07 - The Macbeth, August 8th Gig
A mixed bag. August 8th the MacBeth, London. Flyer.

The Macbeth August 2008
The Macbeth August 2008

11/07/07 - The Macbeth, July 11th Gig
Our next gig is back at The Macbeth, London on July 11th. Flyer. Read more on our gigs page.

The Macbeth July 2008
The Macbeth July 2008
12/06/07 - Lazy Birds join our roost
We have a sister! Lazy Birds is a collaboration with Littlest Birds who will be putting on an intimate experimental spoken word night once a month in London. More info here.
11/06/07 - Lazy work at Woburn gallery

Some limited edition prints, handmade books and CD's will be available to purchase from Woburn galleries, 10 Woburn walk, WC1H OJL, London. Info.

02/06/07 - The Luminaire, June 2nd Gig
June 2nd. Lazy Gramophone presents... to celebrate a string of successful gigs and Pip's birthday Flyer

The Luminaire June 2008
The Luminaire June 2008

16/05/07 - Dont Magazine quizz Lazy
Pip interviewed by Don't Magazine about Lazy and sundry Read more

14/05/07 - Tom Harris Joins Lazy
Lazy welcomes exceptionally talented artist Tom Harris. Tom's psychedelic pen drawn imagery makes our knees knock in a pleasant polyrhythm.
Tom Harris
Tom Harris
Tom Harris

12/05/07 - The Luminaire, May 12th Gig
Woop, woop, find us next at The Luminaire. May 12th Flyer

The Luminaire May 2008
The Luminaire May 2008

25/04/07 - The MacBeth, April 07 Gig
Our next gig is April 25th back at The MacBeth.The Last one was so good I nearly cried, so miss this one at your own peril. Flyer

The MacBeth April 2008
The MacBeth April 2008

31/03/07 - Stand Up, be heard - The Times
Lazy G's Gypsy Girl and Guy J Jackson featured in Holly Grigg-Spall's article 'Stand Up, be heard' for The Times. Read more

28/03/07 - The MacBeth, March 07 Gig
Lazy Gramophone presents a multifarious night of live music, theatre, poetry and art in the heart of London with DJ G.Pirelli ending a fantastic night with sumptuous beats and basslines for you to bounce and hop. This is NOT to be missed.

The MacBeth March 2008
The MacBeth March 2008

18/02/07 - Simon Gibson Oxford Road EP
Lazy have issued a short run of Simon Gibson's EP, Oxford road after it's successful launch at the Luminaire. Available in our online shop.

Oxford Road EP Simon Gibson

10/02/07 - The Luminaire, February 07 Gig
Lazy Gramophone presents at the Lumianire, Kilburn this Saturday. Doors 8pm. Arrive early to avoid disapointment.

15/01/07 - The 3rd Policeman
Harper-Collins and the estate of Flann O'Brien have given Lazy Gramophone Press permission to publish a hardback edition of the phantasmagorical tale The 3rd Policeman, to be illustrated by Lazy G artist Matt Black. A lot of hard work stands between this statement and the book being available to purchase (Autumn 07 / Spring 08 is our current estimate) but fear not, time will pass.
Matt Black the Third Policeman
Matt Black the Third Policeman
25/12/06 - The Luminaire, February 07 Gig
Lazy Gramophone presents our second night of music, theatre and poetry back at the Luminaire (02/10/07). Luminaire Flyer.
Luminaire Febuary 2008
Luminaire Febuary 2008
We will also be celebrating the launch of our second publication, Sam Rawlings Circle time shop keeper.
Circle Time Sam Rawlings
29/10/06 - Circle Time, Sam Rawlings
We have good news and some bad news. The good first, our 2nd publication, a handbound collection of Sam Rawlings poetry entitled Circle time has been released. The bad, it has sold out already! We plan to release a 2nd edition in February 2008 so watch this space. shop keeper.
01/10/06 - Second Birthday
Happy Birthday to thee, Hap hap yee we say. Lazy Gramophones 2nd Birthday.
02/09/06 - The Luminaire, September 06 Gig
Yes, yes, yes the luminaire event was a bigger success than we could have ever dreamed. Huge thanks to all those involved esp the Luminaire staff for being amazing in every way. We now have photo's and audio from the night, visit our Gigs page. and treat your senses.
Lazy at the Luminaire September 2006
Lazy at the Luminaire September 2006
Lazy at the Luminaire September 2006
02/09/06 - The Luminaire, September 06 Gig
Lazy will be hosting its first live event on 2nd September at the Luminare. A night of live music, poetry readings and artwork a plenty for thee all.Luminaire Flyer.
Luminaire September 2006
Luminaire September 2006
19/08/06 - Satsuma Sun Mover Reading
Forest Cafe 3 Bristo Place, Edinburgh.Book launch of Satsuma Sun-Mover especially for our Scottish chums. Readings from Mr Green and live acoustic meddling from Simon Gibson + special guests. 3pm - 4pm. Info
15/05/06 - Satsuma Sun Mover, Adam Green
Lazygramophone press presents 'Satsuma Sun-Mover' our debut publication. Available to purchase from our friendly shop keeper.
Satsuma Sun Mover - Adam Green
12/01/06 - Wendy Jones Joins Lazy
Lazy Gramophone welcomes Wendy Jones to our exceedingly comfortable parlour. Wendy brings us images from Japan, casting her thoughts on its cultures struggle with tradition and ethics. We look forward to more work from her in the future. Hello Wendy.
Wendy Jones
Wendy Jones
Wendy Jones
16/12/05 - Sam Rawlings, Earth Love Magazine
Sam Rawlings has had four poems accepted for publication by Earth Love Magazine. 'All I Want' will appear in issue twenty, 'In Silence' will appear in issue twenty one,'Soldiers' and 'This Place' will be included in issue twenty two. Earth Love Magazine.
10/12/05 - Sokyo Played on BBC Radio Oxford
Sokyo are described in Oxfords Nightshift magazine and on BBC Radio Oxford as sounding nothing like 'Phil Spector' nothing like 'The Beatles' nothing like 'U2' Read more at Nightshift Dec 05
13/11/05 - Sokyo Played on Xfm
Sokyo's 'Sweet Chilli Sauce' tune played on Xfm's Nick Luscombe Flo-Motion show. Bash
01/11/05 - Matt Black Joins Lazy
November welcomes Matt Black to the Lazy fold. His illustrations of Flann O'Briens 3rd Policeman and his general compositions grace our pages with an original and intuitive grace. Hello Matt.
Matt Black
Matt Black
Matt Black
30/10/05 - Contrawise Played on Xfm
Contrawise's remix of Blue Swerver's tune 'New Day' played again on Xfm's Nick Luscombe sunday Flo-Moton show.
04/10/05 - Contrawise and Circles of Light Poi DVD
Two of Contrawises tracks Lions Bend and Sleepy Duckling are on the soundtrack of the Circles of Light Poi DVD 2005 available from www.homeofpoi.com
01/10/05 - Our First Birthday
Lazy Gramophones 1st Birthday.
22/09/05 - Sam Rawlings, Fire Magazine
Fire Magazine has accepted two of Sam Rawlings poems,'Thirsty' and 'Hung', for publication. They are due to be printed in issue 27. Sam will also have his poem 'Amid' published within issue X of Harlequin Magazine.
11/05/05 - Simon Gibson Played on Xfm
Simon Gibson's song Fly Free played on 104.9 Xfm by DJ Marsha Shandur as an artist to listen out for Lazygramophone was also given its first shout out.
26/03/05 - Simon Gibson, Music Week
Simon Gibson named as one of Music Week's best up and coming artists under the name 'Day Long Chase' with his song Breaks and Falls.
01/10/04 - Lazy Gramophone site launched
Lazy Gramophone Launched.