Lazy Birds is a collaboration between Littlest Birds and Lazy Gramophone.

Littlest Birds have been organising poetry events in and around London for the past year. Aimed at quieter performers, they attempt to provide a platform on which artists can play and experiment.
For more information go to :- or email

Lazy Birds is the "socialite" sibling of Littlest Birds...

We aim to take the party atmosphere of Lazy Gramophone into more intimate venues, retaining the experimental philosophy of Littlest Birds. We are also working on encouraging those quieter voices to get up and get involved.

The Lazy Birds are currently off on Location - future gigs are being planned for the Whitechapel Gallery (Whitechapel), The Rosemary Branch (N1) and the Cross Kings (Kings cross funnily enough). Fear not, while the Birds are (happily) of no fixed abode, you can add them as a friend on myspace and they will send out a bulletin with details of events - still happening pretty much once a month.
They are currently looking for overgrown living rooms around the ends of North, East or Central London, if you have any ideas, please send them, answers on the back of a post card, to any of the above addresses.