Extern protrudes inside

and sends heart wise

Some sickly liquid for rosy

Brown and scrumptious sort.

Pale, not now gaudy, but once.


matrix mould skeletal technical

fruit basket behold flesh and round

arms to wrap but keep now feed

breed essential earth sun and moon

networks roots pass cause water

and quench collapse causes

loaf spuds and spit

with sugar spice and all things nice.

Mother is the article.


pattern wreaths and roll decoration

strong and solid superfluous simple

clock ticks and spare idea

perhaps provide pattern

special design for extra time

mine is yours is mine

treat cake and curse

with wood and nails and puppy dog tails.

Father is the article.


eat every poem you can.

Stride tiptoed on tar black stems

not to trip on serif not now

and never sans.

Slice whilst dive in ss and os

then hang out to dry

and when ripe and ready

read. Blend and blur

the infinite permutations

then bend into place.


The moonlight is high tonight

like skys flight is the flickered twilight.

Imagined walking decrease to miniature

like tiptoe on far faded hems

and voluminous petals larking overhead.

Great globs of thick dew

plummet all around

like raiderís circumstance

and felled lights looming.

Its all sickly fantasy. Pale, not now gaudy, but once.

The sun is rumbling overhead

in all and any way it wishes

and swathes to raise heads to cackle,

all rosy and rambunctious.

It fell from above

and burnt great hooves

in the gaping fields to provoke

the great march for night.

It won, they say,

but holes bend easy

like the race for day.

Its all sickly fantasy. Pale, not now gaudy, but once.


Through telescopic sights

the field lit up,

in summer starlight

to sprout twin limbs

ascribed to lack of light.

Shapes all shapes grew sideways

to mark the soil. Bounced

backwards to two toes

in spun round spin

and trip, topple twice

to drop. Plop.