The humming bird hovered

Above the flower

And licked out itís nectar


The flame on the candle

Had a dance

Until death among the darkness


It comes out the pen

Just wanting to have freedom

To write anything


Little ladybird

Filling the gas tank with me

Please just fly away


Blacken on the fence

Waiting for some milk to drink

Should I give him some?


Looking for myself

In the empty void of mind

Help me someone please


The river floats by

The swans sleep while the bats fly

We watch patiently


I read ĎDharma Bumsí

In the comfort of my home

And feel slightly sad


Read an article

Of Beat generations death

To wonder whatís next


Big Brother around

Evading my complete sight

Where are we all going?


Sitting here sweating

Thinking of what may soon be

A day in the life


Cultures in one verse

Trying to communicate

Some finding it hard


Sitting here wanting

To type but donít give a shite

Till thinking takes hold


The little spider

Waited for tea to arrive

On its self shat web


The bottle rolling

Slowly on the red brick floor

Feeling so lonely


My shadow walking

Along the pavements pale light

Waiting to see dark


Footsteps walking down,

In the long corridor,

While Iím taking a shit


Chilling out,

Eating a baguette,

In pure happiness


The baby staring,

Telling me the answer,

In the true language


Going crazy in my mind,

Trying to find,

A kind of peacefulness


A Finnish girl,

Telling me Iím beautiful,

I blush as Narcissus



Looking through the rubbish bin,

Trying not to spill anything


People writing down,

Messages on my big door,

Thinking where is Phil?


Sitting taking a shit,

While a silverfish,

Slides by my little toe




Sitting on the sand,

As the waves soothe my sore ears,

From all the bad sounds


X kissing me,

Sticking her tongue in my cheeks

Ah! Sheís so lovely!


Watching the blue sky,

High above my subtle head,

Sunshine on my face


Wind through my fingers,

Dragonflyís flying high above,

Fish below my feet


Seeing a temple,

And having a full massage,

All with X


Sitting by the pond,

Watching the fish eat their food,

Within my soft eyes


Kissing X,

Thinking about the friendship,

Smiling about life


Dawn sits in my room,

Reading Taoist thoughts of love,

And laugh about it