Kathryn Marchbank

Poetry to think and feel

Reading at Biddles Bros.
As I exist, I have thoughts I sometimes wish to write down. Here I present them to you in the form of poems. I hope you take pleasure in reading them.

Music from Kathryn

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Words from Kathryn
  • Above the World

    Written on 06/01/15

    The clouds above the world today are magnificent Neo classical chunks of Edinburgh rock Weighted expectantly To join thunder's riot Striding over stile and... read more

  • Baby

    Written on 06/01/15

    You wake, you rise and slump and simply fall about smiling On cushions, on me, on the world that is duvet As the dawn sun might warm rose skinned orchard apples The heat of... read more

  • Love's death

    Written on 06/01/15

    Death Crept with silence A frozen landscape Invading my chest Setting jet stone in coffin teeth Vascular arrest A physical lull My soul would... read more

  • Hackney Road

    Written on 06/01/15

    The water of the Regents canal in curvilinear physique Tailored in carbon black brick to hold in its belly and sides Posses an expression maligned by local make... read more

  • Sea sickness

    Written on 06/01/15

    All the people are like sea sickness Jaguars of words Metropolitan adders of smoke and drink Soho mammals out padding filthy wet tarmac contours A paradise of pomp and attitude ... read more

  • London Fields

    Written on 06/01/15

    As one crowd of morning crows parade a tamed patch of grass rich gravity The same blackened horde might loosen in the leafed privacy of their evening folly To steal the... read more

  • Dusk

    Written on 06/01/15

    Quiet forest of wood and wilds Your leafy petticoats lit by earth's moon And her hemisphere of journeying stars Where above silken bluebells Arboreal ... read more

  • Festival Fields

    Written on 06/01/15

    Your hand took mine in the festival fields Past the pink flags lined and dotted Chasing each others tails And us, Content to miss the taking of daylights finale... read more

  • Rising Sun

    Written on 06/01/15

    The night's darkness leaves behind a crescent of moon Too heavy to carry in the rush Embers of fire opal glint Smouldering to let out a last breath To... read more

  • New Street Newsagent

    Written on 06/01/15

    Chocolate, paper and battery acid, We vend all your travelling accompaniments. Step inside and savour our preservatives. Illuminate your mind with our new magazines.... read more